Program design

The CzechMates program offers a variety of class options in English centered on holistically developing student competencies (personal and professional) related to critical thinking, international communication (broadly-defined) and intercultural collaboration.

A student’s course options are determined in accordance to their interests and major, to augment their participation within the within the program’s capstone courses and internship seminar


This course provides an in-depth overview of contemporary topics, connecting students’ perspectives to a broader understanding of global processes as they link to local, regional, national, and international concerns.


This course takes an in-depth look at contemporary events and cultural topics/debates occurring in our world, providing analytical frameworks for interpreting them in light of how the media, societal contexts, and one’s cultural identity frame interpretations and engagements related to them. In doing so, we seek to better understand our agency within the world in which we live.


Internships (approx. 15 hours/week (200 hours across the semester), supplemented by a weekly seminar meeting.


Students choose 1-2 more courses (which must be approved by their home university).


Czech Language (recommended). A practical course focused on providing students the language basics for daily engagements in Czech society.

Semester experience
The Czechmates Semester Program

Spring/Fall Semesters - a 13-week program running from (variably) the middle of September until the latter part of December and from the middle of February until the latter part of May. The Internship is Integrated as a course during the semester.

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Maymester course experience
3-week intensive summer course

Global Perspectives: Media, Culture, and Communication 
Utilizing a culturally-immersive learning framework, students explore how globalization (as process, practice, and system) intersects evolving conceptions of media, communication and culture as international phenomena. Applicable for all majors. Includes regional travel.

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Summer internships experience
9-week internship with seminar

Summer internship opportunities within a spectrum of local, regional, and multinational companies in Brno are available for those students seeking a tailored internship option beyond the beaten path to extend their international experiential acumen. Includes a seminar course for credit.

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