About CzechMates

The appeal for participants in the CzechMates program rests in its premise to produce vital and measureable outcomes for the students in terms of their intercultural, personal, and professional competencies.

A broad range of courses offered in all majors
Integrated Internships which enhance intercultural/professional competencies
Affordable travel opportunities in the heart of Europe
Holistic educational mentoring across, throughout, and beyond the program by an award-winning American professor formerly tenured at Penn State University.
Open to all majors
Full Semester (Autumn and Spring), Maymester and Summer-sessions
Culturally-immersive, English-language educational curriculum

Why Brno?

Brno takes your experience beyond the tourist capitals of Europe you know.

Brno presents something more compelling for your study abroad expectations, namely a unique context and experience off the beaten path in the heart of Moravia where contemporary Czech cosmopolitanism meets a deeper engagement with Czech culture, as:

An internationally recognized hub for industry, culture and innovation; selected by the NY Times as “a place to go” in 2016 in light of its inviting and compelling local culture.
A distinct mix of traditional (Czech) and cosmopolitan (global) experiences.
An optimum and affordable gateway for exploring the beauty and complexities of European culture from its heart, sitting a heartbeat away from Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Krakow and Prague.

Masaryk University

Internationally recognized research and teaching institution.
Fully-international student population.
Extensive English language curriculum.
Active student organizations.
Myriad experiential learning opportunities.
Support and integration services for students.

What's in a name like CzechMates?

CZECHMATES = our location (the Czech Republic) + the idea of the deeper friendships and understanding that comes from engaging people in your life that you intentionally connect with through shared intellectual curiosity, interests and experiences as you grow (i.e. as the Brits would say, “your mate”).

Michael Elavsky, PhD.

Program Director

Directed by an award-winning American instructor and research scholar (formerly tenured at The Pennsylvania State University) with 27 years in-country academic experience including 2 US State Department Fulbright Scholar appointments.

As an American, he shares the cultural background and understanding of the students’ foreignness (home and university), incorporating academic standards and ethical tenets that align with their educational goals and aspirations.

As an expert in international education, he is committed to encouraging students to push themselves to explore their human potential and grow as citizens of the world.