Internships experience

Our internships provide engaged, meaningful and applied work experience which nurtures student understanding, not only of practical skills particular to their area of study but also of intercultural acumen in real-world professional settings and collaborative contexts, as they produce deliverables that tangibly underscore and showcase their educational growth.

Their concurrent participation in a seminar linked to their internship
experience enhances their capacities to constructively reflect upon and
articulate a heightened understanding of their evolving professional
development and career placement strategies.

9–12 weeks
200 hours total
internship + mentored seminar
Internships are tailored to the student and their interests, meaning the company is matched to you.
Strategic Communication
Social Justice
Sports Communication
International Relations
Environmental/Sustainability Issues
Public Policy
Civic Governance
Practical Research


The CzechMates program offers:

A unique set of internship opportunities tailored to student interests and professional development goals.
An engaging, immersive, and challenging experience that significantly enhances your professional AND personal growth.

While we provide a list of our previous internships partners below, this list is neither complete nor exhaustive (i.e. you have more options than these listed) and your initial conversation with us will identify the areas and potential sites for our consideration . As such, the internships are tailored as much as possible to all parties interests and needs to insure the internship opportunity is right for all parties.


Czech Television

Produce original content for broadcast/social media platforms; strategic communication related to station content; collaborate/engage in professional journalism culture/experiential learning opportunities in foreign context at a 24-hour DVB-T/Satellite network serving the Czech Republic and beyond.

Sports Journalism/Broadcasting/Marketing/Public Relations

HC Liberec (Premier League Hockey Club)
Brno Zabany (European League Men’s/Women’s Basketball team)

Develop and maintain English-language profile of international sports teams through collaborative, creative, and promotional initiatives (social media, streaming/podcasting matches, player profiles, web page development, etc.).

Information Technologies/Business/Strategic Communication

Kyndryl (formerly IBM)
Webscope (IT Startup)
Purple Technologies/Purple Ventures
KBC (Business Finance)
Velux Group (Manufacturing)

A wide array of rotating professional opportunities (programming, strategic communication, project design & development, event planning, etc.) related to business/corporate development within these three sites.


Ostrava University (Applied Research)  
‍Ceitec (Central European Institute ofTechnology/EU Research Think Tank)


Albatros Media (Book Publishing)
Kinovision (Media Production)
Universal Music Group Czech Republic (Recording Industry)

Video Game Design/Programming

Bohemia Interactive/Fineway Studios

Seeking individuals with a passion for gaming/ video game development. Opportunities span multiple disciplines (testing, design, art, programming, scripting, etc.).

Creative Arts/Visual Design/Strategic Communication

Moravian Gallery (2nd largest Art Gallery in the Czech Republic)
Moravian Regional Museum (NationalMuseum Affiliate)

Assist with exhibit development and promotion, engage strategic communication with local community and international partners, some curation and research potential if desired.

Salon #4 (Fashion Design House)

Assist with fashion line development and promotion, engage strategic communication with local community and international partners, some design and exhibition potential available if desired.

Strategic Communications/International Relations

Masaryk University

Develop content and engage strategic communication for a range of social media platforms related to promoting activities and mission of Masaryk University internationally.

Brno ExPat Centre

Assist and collaborate in multidimensional organization across a range of activities related to linking new individuals/businesses to the Brno community more broadly (community outreach, strategic communication, public relations, data analysis, marketing and human resources).

Spilberk Castle (International Services)

NGOs (Environmental, Public Policy, Civic and Human Rights)

Nadace Partnerstvi (Environmental NGO)
Frank Bold (Environmental Law Firm/NGO)
Nesehnuti (Human rights NGO)
OPU (Migrant Rights/NGO)
Loono (Health Care NGO)

Assist and collaborate on international, regional, and local campaigns related to the development and extension of human rights and civic awareness broadly defined, utilizing skills related to strategic communication, data analysis, public relations, educational outreach, and creative content/social media curation.

Food Sciences/Research/Environmental Sustainability/Strategic Communications

Various partners determined on an individual basis to specifically fit student professional goals/interests.

Applied Research EU and Local Grants (i.e., Kinesiology/Exercise Psychology)

EU and Local Grants (tenders vary from year to year)

Applied research in lab environments on multi-year grants, mentored by internationally-recognized scholars. Particularly pertinent for those seeking research-experience for graduate school.


Brno City Government (Civic Offices of the Mayor)
Dum Pro Juli (Children’s Hospice)
Signum Belli 1814 (Historical Society)

Please contact us directly to discuss how your interests and professional goals can match up with the specific internship options we offer

Procedures and deadlines

Application requirements

Admissions operate on a rolling basis and early indication of interest can enhance your prospects. Therefore, if interested, please contact us ( at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you!

Application deadlines

Fall Semester: April 15th
Spring Semester: October 10th
Maymester Experience: April 15th
Summer Internships:  April 15th