Semester experience

The CzechMates Semester Program (offered annually; Spring/Fall Semesters) runs from (variably) the middle of September until the latter part of December and again, from the middle of February until the latter part of May.

In addition to the courses the student engage during the semester, a semester-long internship (for credit) is most often a complementary component.

13 weeks
spring or fall semester
internship included



This course provides an in-depth overview of contemporary topics, connecting students’ perspectives to a broader understanding of global processes as they link to local, regional, national, and international concerns.


This course takes an in-depth look at contemporary events and cultural topics/debates occurring in our world, providing analytical frameworks for interpreting them in light of how the media, societal contexts, and one’s cultural identity frame interpretations and engagements related to them. In doing so, we seek to better understand our agency within the world in which we live.


Internships (approx. 15 hours/week (200 hours across the semester), supplemented by a weekly seminar meeting.


Students choose 1-2 more courses (which must be approved by their home university).


Czech Language (recommended). A practical course focused on providing students the language basics for daily engagements in Czech society.


Internships within the CzechMates program provide an important extra avenue to extend the practical learning capacities of the participants.

Internships can be done for credit (or not), and involve local, regional, and international organizations across a spectrum of interests, including media companies, sports teams, IT start-ups, public administration offices, (NGO’s and social justice organizations, as well as city/university appointments), research labs, and entrepreneurial hubs.

Engaged, meaningful and applied work experience
Intercultural skillsets in real-world professional settings and collaborative contexts
Real deliverables that tangibly showcase their educational growth
Augmented by a formal seminar which nurtures student capacities to get more than skillsets from their internship experience  
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Procedures and deadlines

Application requirements

Requirements: 2.75 GPA overall
The Application process for the CzechMates program operates competitively on a rolling basis. Notifying us of your intent to apply is the first step, as it can increase your chance of acceptance. Please specify the particular semester/Summer you wish to apply for in your initial correspondence with us.

Application deadlines

Fall Semester: April 15th
Spring Semester: October 10th
Maymester Experience: April 15th
Summer Internships:  April 15th
Contact us directly ( to initiate the application process


Costs vary depending upon the channel by which one enters the program from one’s home university/location. Please contact us directly (or consult your home global programs academic advisor) for more information.