Maymester course experience

The CzechMates Maymester course occurs across three weeks (approx. mid-May to early June). Brno’s Central European context provides a unique cosmopolitan setting for examining the contemporary dynamics of our world through the lens of a region whose postcommunist transitions are centrally linked to globalization’s processes.

Excursions to augment course goals include a variety of professional (NGOs, multinational corporations, government institutions, etc.), and culturally significant sites, including the cities of Krakow, BudapestVienna, and Telč.

3 weeks
approx. mid-May to early June
course + excursions

Course description/details

Global Perspectives: Media, Communications, and Culture

Through a culturally-immersive learning framework, students in this course will explore how globalization (as process, practice, and system) intersects evolving conceptions of communication and culture as international phenomena,  

Students from all majors are welcome, as the course is specifically designed to both link up with a wide array of disciplinary perspectives related to the subject, as well as utilize student diversity regarding backgrounds and majors as a means to mutually enhance our understanding of the topics and perspectives we will engage in the course.

Employing directed engagements with the Czech and Central European cultural context, students will explore the Local as a context for understanding the Global, considering how their own culture, media, and means for communication (language, technology, symbolism, etc.) frame and connect their knowledge and personal experience of the world to broader understandings of their identity and perspective in the world.


In addition to the Maymester course, the student can also opt to add a local internship (for additional credit) starting after the course officially concludes

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Procedures and deadlines

Application requirements

Requirements: 2.75 GPA overall
The Application process for the Czechmates program operates competitively on a rolling basis. Notifying us of your intent to apply is the first step, as it can increase
your chance of acceptance. Please specify the particular semester/Summer you wish to apply for in your initial correspondence with us.


Costs vary depending upon the channel by which one enters the program from one‘s home university; please contact us directly (or consult your home global programs academic advisor) for more information.
Costs: € 3350 (Estimation) 
What is included: 
Most in/between country travel (trains, buses)
Stays in accommodation/trips (Telč, Brno, Southern Moravia, Krakow, Budapest, Vienna)‍
Class tuition/several cultural and corporate site excursions
Not included: Airfare, insurance, local travel costs (metro, tram, bus in cities), board


Application deadlines

Fall Semester: April 15th
Spring Semester: October 10th
Maymester Experience: April 15th
Summer Internships:  April 15th
Contact us directly ( to initiate the applicationprocess